Clinical Research

Clinical research studies are crucial for the development of new therapies. We are accomplished basic and clinical researchers with vast experience in the field of endocrinology and diabetes and have conducted numerous clinical studies leading to the the development of many important medications used by patients every day.

We are always interested in being at the cutting edge of science and technology and to help move our field forward - for the benefit of our patients. 

The mission of our Research Center is to help discover, apply and translate science about endocrine disease, diabetes and their complications, to improve health and wellness. 

Below are clinical studies that are currently open and recruiting participants. Please click on the individual study for more information. However, this list changes continuously, and if you wish to be considered for these or any future studies please contact us anytime for a phone appointment or a visit to the office.

For clinical research related inquiries, please use our dedicated email: and visit our dedicated webpage at